Suicidal Angels – Eternal Domination

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While Suicidal Angels have always exhibited some strong late 80s Teutonic vibes in their brand of thrash revivalism, “Eternal Domination” literally relives that nasty niche between 1986 and 1988 where Kreator, Destruction and Sodom stopped beating around the bush and started going right for the jugular. The distinctively wicked yet still very much tonal and NWOBHM informed riffing approach, the high speed drumming and sepulchral vocal mutterings and barks draw up instant imagery of “Pleasure To Kill” and, more so still, “Persecution Mania”. The dueling lead guitar breaks take on a strong King vs. Hanneman flavor, but tend more towards the earliest incarnation of said approach via “Show No Mercy” where it sounded more controlled and not quite as noise-driven and all over the place.

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